Designated Broker – David C Burke | MSRS Entity License #LC706656000

Unlock Your Earning Potential: Become a Referral Agent and Earn Extra Income in Real Estate. 

Why Choose the Referral Agent Route in Real Estate?

Many agents find that going the referral agent route is a favorable choice. By becoming a referral agent, you can leverage your real estate license to earn commissions while enjoying the flexibility of working in your spare time. With no full-time or part-time commitment, referral commission income can provide a significant boost to your earnings.

Lower Risk and Cost-Effective Approach as a Referral Agent.

As a real estate referral agent affiliated with MSRS, you have less risk to worry about compared to a full-service agent. Unlike full-service agents who spend substantial time on each transaction, referral agents may only spend around 5 hours on a transaction to ensure a smooth process. Additionally, being a referral agent significantly reduces your business costs. By eliminating expenses such as MLS dues, REALTOR®/Association dues, and transaction marketing costs, you can save thousands of dollars.

 Benefits of the Referral Agent Model in Real Estate.

  1. Flexibility and Low Commitment: As a referral agent, you have the freedom to work on your own schedule and earn extra income without the pressure of meeting production targets. It's an ideal option for those who want to maintain their real estate license while pursuing other interests or obligations.
  2. Reduced Time Investment: Unlike full-service agents who dedicate hours to each client, referral agents focus on connecting potential buyers and sellers with trusted professionals. This streamlined approach allows referral agents to spend less time on transactions, freeing up time for other activities.
  3. Lower Costs: Referral agents enjoy cost savings by eliminating various expenses associated with traditional real estate practices. Without MLS dues, REALTOR®/Association dues, and transaction marketing costs, referral agents can maximize their income and profitability.

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