Many agents ultimately choose to go the referral agent route. You are able to maintain your real estate license and the ability to earn a commission, all without the pressure of minimum production requirements. This means you can earn extra income in your spare time, rather than making a full-time or even part-time commitment. Referral commission income can really add up.

On the risk spectrum, a real estate referral agent has less to be concerned about than a full-service agent. While a full-service agent will spend anywhere from 25 to 110 hours on a transaction/client, a real estate referral agent may spend only 5 hours on a transaction to follow up & ensure things go smoothly for his or her client. Further lowering the risk, a real estate referral agent has dramatically lower costs to do business versus a full-service agent. They save thousands by eliminating: MLS dues, Realtor association dues and transaction marketing costs.

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